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Mainframe Application Performance Monitoring and Analysis with Strobe
Mainframe Application Performance Monitoring and Analysis with Strobe

Compuware Strobe is the industry-leading mainframe application performance monitoring and analysissolution for mainframe applications. With Strobe, IT departments can pinpoint application inefficiencies that cause excessive CPU consumption and reduce hardware and software costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Key Features and Benefits of Mainframe Application Performance Management

  • Improve user code efficiency, transaction response time and throughput.
  • Locate and improve resource-consumptive database calls.
  • Quickly pinpoint the source of application inefficiencies.
  • Identify SQL statements and DB2 system services that cause excessive CPU time or wait time.
  • Receive detailed DB2 tuning information including catalog statistics and the number of GET PAGE requests for each SQL statement.
  • Enable new users to be more productive with a graphical interface for taking measurements and detecting mainframe application performance problems.
  • Launch Strobe directly from BMC’s MainView or Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise to quickly and easily identify tuning opportunities that will have the greatest impact on monthly software licensing costs

Reduce the Complexity of Mainframe Application Performance Management

Strobe is the premier technology for managing mainframe application performance in complex environments. It measures the activity of both online and batch-processing applications in single and multiple system environments, detailing where and how time is spent during an application’s execution.

Strobe can save hours of investigation by revealing program statements that consume excessive CPU resources, the percentage of CPU time used within modules and control sections, display procedure names and statement numbers, and provide the complete line of source code. With Strobe analysis you can identify a number of I/O problems including inefficient DB2 SQL statements.

Compuware iStrobe extends the benefits of Strobe with an easy-to-use, browser-based graphical user interface. iStrobe identifies the access path used by the SQL statement as well as the relevant catalog statistics, providing all the data needed to improve the application’s performance for both online and batch-processing applications.

Reduce Time and Resources Wasted in War Rooms

Too much time and too many resources are being wasted in “war rooms” where it may take many hours or days to find the root cause of a critical performance problem. Strobe quickly and easily pinpoints the root cause of performance problems even in complex environments with multiple languages, databases or teleprocessing subsystems, putting an end to finger-pointing.

Enable the Transitioning Mainframe Workforce

As experienced IT staff transition into retirement and new inexperienced employees come on board, a large amount of knowledge will be lost.  Strobe provides “the answer” up front, supplying the precise, in-depth application performance data needed to locate and eliminate sources of excessive resource demand. Built-in intelligence reduces the reliance on human expertise and experience.

Integration with Compuware’s modernized mainframe development environment, the Eclipse-based Compuware Workbench, means you can also initiate Strobe measurements for both active and future application instances from within a modern open development environment.