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Empowering Enterprise IT to Derive Even More Value from Mainframe Applications
Empowering Enterprise IT to Derive Even More Value from Mainframe Applications

Topaz for Program Analysis intelligently analyzes mainframe programs and presents the results of that analysis in a visually intuitive manner. Using program structure and logic flow charts, Program Analysis reduces learning curves for programmers unfamiliar with the mainframe or unfamiliar with the structure of a program. The analysis provides invaluable insights into programs that don’t have documentation and are 20, 30 or even 40 years old.

Topaz for Enterprise Data enables mainframe developers and mainframe data architects to discover, visualize and work with both mainframe and non-mainframe data in a common, intuitive manner. Using Topaz, next-gen mainframe developers as well as seasoned IT pros can manipulate Enterprise Data and applications with greater agility, speed and confidence to better meet the demands of mobile and analytics.

Topaz for Java Performance provides unique visibility into the performance of Java Batch programs and Websphere transactions running on the mainframe, including peak CPU utilization of specific Java methods and classes; “Garbage Collection” issues such as memory leaks and excessively long collection intervals; and threads that are blocked or not actually doing useful work.

The product also seamlessly integrates with Compuware Strobe giving staff the ability to take comprehensive measurements of their entire Java environment—inside and out. Strobe delivers valuable insight about Java Virtual Machine (JVM) jobs and specialty processor usage, while Topaz for Java Performance provides visibility inside the JVM for targeted tuning of Java programs.