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Dynatrace Application Monitoring
Dynatrace Application Monitoring

Visibility, context and collaboration without barriers. With PurePath Technology® we can trace transactions and quickly identify where performance issues are occurring. Ultra-light and production-safe, Dynatrace’s patented PurePath Technology® captures timing and code-level context for all transactions, end-to-end. From user click, across all tiers, to the database of record and back, we provide exact, deep atomic level detail. PurePath Technology® enables more accurate reporting, granular business transaction grouping, precise SLA management and the fastest path to root cause on the market. PureStack® Technology is the first and only solution that exposes how IT infrastructure impacts the performance of critical business applications. Combined with Dynatrace’s patented PurePath Technology®, PureStack® Technology directly correlates guest and host infrastructure health to individual application transactions and affected end users in real-time. Application operators can now quickly gauge the impact of infrastructure problems in the context of user experience and business performance.

  • See the big picture in context: business owners get high level view and simple drill downs for contextual detail.
  • Make the right business decisions faster: See all the channels your users touch and leverage the data holistically.
  • Know your customers: Know where and how they're using your app with real time, contextual information from every visit.
  • Personalized information delivery for business and technical stakeholders via custom dashboards.
  • Out-of-the-box analytics use cases: Pre-configured, meaningful data sets for common analytics scenarios like user experience and channel.

Trace any transaction, no matter where it goes.

  • Trace every transaction from click to the resulting method invocation or SQL statement executed in the heart of your infrastructure
  • Get immediate runtime visibility into your globally or locally distributed app's health and impact on user experience
  • Visualize the real-time logical topology of all your services, tiers, interdependencies and inter-tier timings.
  • Extend your visibility to previous blind spots in your delivery chain: Public cloud, third-party APIs, NGINX, VMware, mainframe components, and more...

Every system. Every application. One solution.

  • Monitor infrastructure and applications with a single solution
  • Correlate system and process metrics with app performance and individual transactions
  • Resolve root-cause of performance problems in no time, from poorly executing code or redundant DB queries to memory leaks and architectural bottlenecks
  • Built for extreme flexibility: small environments to large, international, multi-site datacenters