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Infrastructure Software, Redefined
Infrastructure Software, Redefined

With an 18 year company history, over 700 employees, and over US$75 million in sales, TmaxSoft has successfully delivered improved IT performance across the globe to enterprise, financial, and governmental customers. As the largest independent software company in South Korea, TmaxSoft’s products provide the quality and performance demanded by traditional as well as private/hybrid cloud architectures.

TmaxSoft offers a wide range of data center products. OpenFrame is a mainframe modernization solution that rehosts mainframe COBOL or Assembler applications on cloud-ready x86 architectures running LINUX/ UNIX and has attained the market leader position in Japan. Our powerful and secure JEUS middleware product is deployed on almost 50% of all web servers in South Korea. TIBERO, TmaxSoft’s enterprise SQL database, provides the data security, data resiliency, and RDBMS compatibility necessary for large scale enterprise applications, but at half the cost of Oracle.

With our extensive experience optimizing deployment structures for both local and worldwide applications, TmaxSoft provides solutions that save money, deploy quickly, and are supported by a world class professional services and support team.