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Compuware and BMC Partnership


Today, Compuware and BMC announced a partnership that integrates BMC’s solutions for intelligent workload management with Compuware’s solution for deep performance analysis. This collaboration will empower you to more aggressively drive down costs, more pro-actively improve application performance and more cost-effectively scale your IBM z Systems environment to support mobile apps, Big Data analytics and other new business imperatives.

Our partnership with BMC is significant for a few reasons:

First, by working together, Compuware and BMC are enabling you, our customers, to get more value out of your existing investments in mainframe capacity, mainframe applications and mainframe data. By using our respective solutions in an integrated manner, you will be able to better pinpoint exactly where you can gain the greatest economic benefits by fixing suboptimal code and/or more wisely scheduling your workloads. The results of these fixes will be immediate, significant and quantifiable.

Second, the integration of our companies’ solutions highlights the fact that you don’t have to suffer with inferior mainframe tools that waste your valuable human capital. Some vendors try to bait customers into single-sourcing their management toolkit by promising steeply discounted licensing — only to then switch them to higher prices at the time of renewal. But those short-lived discounts pale in comparison to the substantial MLC savings you can achieve with the integrated best-in-class solutions Compuware and BMC now jointly offer you.

Third, this partnership demonstrates that the “new” Compuware will make whatever moves are necessary to ensure that you and your company get the most of your mainframe investments. From a product development perspective, we have committed to an Agile development model that will make new software available to you on a quarterly basis. From a partnership perspective, we will work on our customers' behalf to improve collaboration among mainframe vendors so that you get maximum value from Compuware's solutions.

This is a critical time for mainframe vendors. Companies that were once market leaders are stumbling under the weight of their conflicting priorities. They are failing to innovate, and have clearly lost their passion for investing in the mainframe. Not Compuware. As the world’s largest mainframe-only ISV, we are uniquely committed to ensuring that you can support your existing workloads more efficiently and take on new workloads with greater agility. Your mainframe has an awesome future in front of it — and we are doing our utmost to be the best mainframe partner for that future.

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