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A visual experience of your data

The enterprise IT Service Management landscape has changed beyond recognition over the past few years.


Migrates mainframe programs without modifying the source code for use in an open system environment.

OpenFrame: a complete rehosting product set that moves mainframe applications into a multi-tiered, x86 environment.Somewhere in a dusty corner of the data center may be your mainframe COBOL and Assembler applications. While they continue to provide important day to day value, they may run on slower and expensive to maintain hardware.


Dynatrace Application Monitoring

Visibility, context and collaboration without barriers. With PurePath Technology® we can trace transactions and quickly identify where performance issues are occurring. Ultra-light and production-safe, Dynatrace’s patented PurePath Technology® captures timing and code-level context for all transactions, end-to-end.


Empowering Enterprise IT to Derive Even More Value from Mainframe Applications

Topaz for Program Analysis intelligently analyzes mainframe programs and presents the results of that analysis in a visually intuitive manner. Using program structure and logic flow charts, Program Analysis reduces learning curves for programmers unfamiliar with the mainframe or unfamiliar with the structure of a program.


Mainframe Application Performance Monitoring and Analysis with Strobe

Compuware Strobe is the industry-leading mainframe application performance monitoring and analysissolution for mainframe applications. With Strobe, IT departments can pinpoint application inefficiencies that cause excessive CPU consumption and reduce hardware and software costs while increasing customer satisfaction.